Academic Structure

The school’s educational programme is based on the English National Curriculum. Children are welcomed into the school from 3 years of age when they join Early Years. However, students may of course enrol at any stage provided that places are available. The Early Years, Reception, and Primary School staff are all well qualified and experienced classroom teachers; the curriculum is further enriched by the availability of specialist teachers for subjects such as Spanish, French, Music, PE and ICT. From Year 1 class sizes are kept to a maximum of 20.

Most students progress from Primary Year 6 to Year 7 in the Secondary Department where they are taught by staff who are specialists in their chosen subjects. As in Primary, Year 7 continues to be two form entry with class sizes of no more than 20. In Year 10, students are taught in option groups in preparation for the important (I)GCSE examinations in Year 11.

Although 16 is the legal school leaving age, most of our students qualify to enter the Sixth Form where they study for Advanced level examinations in preparation for university entrance at 18. Teaching groups in the Sixth Form vary from 2 to 10 students depending on the demand for the subject and each subject has a minimum of five and a half hours’ teacher contact time each week, with further time set aside for extra-curricular activities, and independent research and study.

School Key Stage Year Normal age range
Foundation Stage   Early years + Reception 3-5 years
Primary School KS1 Year 1 5-6 years
    Year 2 6-7 years
  KS2 Year 3 7-8 years
    Year 4 8-9 years
    Year 5 9-10 years
    Year 6 10-11 years
Secondary School KS3 Year 7 11-12 years
    Year 8 12-13 years
    Year 9 13-14 years
  KS4 Year 10 14-15 years
    Year 11 15-16 years
Sixth Form KS5 Year 12 16-17 years
    Year 13 17-18 years