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Admissions - Assessment and Attendance


The school assesses all students who apply for a placement, irrespective of status.

For applicants to Early Years, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, this process is informal and conducted by an experienced member of the teaching staff.

For applicants to Year 2 and above children are assessed using Cognitive Ability Testing (CAT4). These tests are designed to analyse a pupil’s academic potential and indicate areas of strengths or weakness and are independent of prior learning.

The tests will be taken in one session which will be combined with a brief tour of the school by a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

CAT4 assesses four key areas;


Results are generated on the day of the test and immediately inform the admissions process


There is clear evidence that achievement is linked to attendance.

A register is taken at the start of each day and attendance records are maintained in our School Information Management System (iSAMS) and these statistics are printed on school reports. Students must meet the minimum attendance requirement of 95%.

The school expects all children to attend school every day that classes are provided. The only reasons acceptable for not attending are medical and genuine emergencies. Families should not plan family holidays during term times and should always request leave in advance in writing/email of any planned absence. Families should advise the school when children are not able to attend and the school will contact parents/guardians to resolve unexplained or repeated absences.