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Morocco Trip 2018

Morocco Trip 2018

Last week eighteen students from The English International College travelled to Morocco to visit three charities the school has supported for over twenty years. The first was a centre for babies with rickets. Students were given a talk by the staff and then they were able to hold and cuddle a number of these babies who need care. This centre bathed the babies, changed their nappies and the young babies were then given milk, something they desperately need.

Later the students visited a centre for children with Down’s Syndrome. The students helped in lessons and despite the language barrier quickly made friends with these wonderful young people. Later all the students played games and there was a wonderful party atmosphere in the centre, with all the children dancing and laughing together. The game of musical chairs did not seem to have any rules, nor did it matter; they all had fun and created some wonderful memories. The Down Syndrome children were an absolute joy to be with.

Finally, the students visited a centre for deaf and dumb children. We arrived during their break and an intense game of football took place. EIC students also experienced how deaf students learn in a classroom situation and how extraordinary this school was.

Overall, the trip was enlightening and an unforgettable experience. EIC students came home richer for the experience and realise how fortunate they are. The students were exemplary and participated fully in the day.

All of this would not be possible without the money raised by the students through the ‘PA for the Day’ and the incredibly generous donations of clothes, toys and money from parents. Our sincere thank you to those who donated to these wonderful charities.

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