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Year 9 Drama - Online Learning

The Year 9 drama students have been working on their acting skills this week by focusing on the theatre practitioner Stanislavski and creating performances in the style of naturalism. Using characters from the fairytale scripts they wrote last week in the style of theatre practitioner Brecht, students now had to write their own monologue as either Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf, Goldilocks, Papa…

The School Principal Discusses How the EIC Community Has Adapted to Online Learning

Mr Long discusses how the EIC community has transitioned and adapted to online learning during the current COVID-19 lockdown, on Marbella Now with Nicole King.

3D Printing Protective Visors for Local Hospitals and Emergency Services

Mr Julio our Science Technician is putting the school's 3D printer to good use - he along with hundreds of volunteers is printing protective visors for local hospitals and emergency services to help in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. He's aiming to have over 30 printed by the end of this weekend! Excellent work Mr Julio!

Key Stage 2 Adapting Online Learning!

Key Stage 2 are adapting well to a slightly different online learning format this week!

Alumni Lexy on Netflix as Production Assistant

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We would like to congratulate and to shout from the roof tops how extremely proud we are of our Alumni student Lexy who has completed her first animated children’s show on Netflix as production assistant for Unanico Studios. It was released today. She is currently in her third year at UAL studying animation with creative computing. Please take a look on…  Great…

Online Learning - Week One

Here is a very small but fun collection of this week’s online lessons, more will follow.

TT Rockstars National Times Table Competition

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The whole of KS2 gathered together today to enjoy their very own winner's Pizza Party to celebrate their successes from the TT Rockstars National Times Table competition. With an incredible 246,247 correct answers, we came 3rd in the whole of Spain and are now the Number 1 school in Andalucia for our speed and recall in Times Tables. Our top scoring class was Miss Ruth's Maths group with a total of…

Year 11 Drama - GCSE Practical Examination

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Over the last two months, the Year 11 Drama group have been preparing for their second GCSE practical examination with myself and Miss Jackson. On Wednesday 19th February, a visiting examiner from Pearson and an invited audience were treated to an extremely high standard of performances from our students.   They each performed two monologues from their chosen play texts including: Educating…

GCSE and A-Level Drama students attended the opening night of The Secret Garden

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On Wednesday 12th February, the GCSE and A-Level Drama students attended the opening night of the Salon Varietes production of The Secret Garden, based on the book by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Becoming theatre critics once more, the performance would allow them to prepare for the written components of the syllabus as this enchanting story of magic, hope and friendship provided lots of visual stimulation…

Careers Week Activities

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As part of our Careers Week activities, we were very fortunate to welcome a number of our current parents into school to talk to our students about their careers, and give an insight into the huge range of potential working environments our students have in front of them. From backgrounds including film production, TV, finance and economics, entrepreneurship and IT, our students were given a fascinating…