Kraków - Day 2

Kraków - Day 2

After a considerably later start than yesterday, we headed off on a guided walking tour of the Jewish Quarter within Kraków. Along the way, we saw several locations visited by Steven Spielberg that were used as settings for his classic film, Schindler's List, visited a flea market, walked around the more luxurious area of the Jewish Quarter, which included the oldest synagogue in Poland, observed the memorial, 'Chair Square' of the Kraków ghetto before ending up outside Schindler's Factory.

Touring Schindler's Factory and discovering more about the vital role Oskar Schindler played in saving so many Jewish people was interesting and astonishing.

We finished the afternoon with a tram ride into the main square of Kraków followed by some exploration time. The day was rounded off with a meal in a traditional Polish restaurant before heading back to the hotel to contemplate what tomorrow will hold for us when we visit Auschwitz and Birkenau.


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