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Sierra Nevada Altitude Training

Sierra Nevada Altitude Training

In total, 28 hardy individuals agreed to ascend the heights of the Sierra Nevada mountains and the depths of the C.A.R pool commencing last Thursday and concluding on Saturday afternoon. For some, 2320m above sea level, may seem a long way to go to experience the delights of light headed-ness, a tight chest, or indeed the more worrying, early indications of asphyxiation.

Behold the EIC teenage swimming sensation. In total, our adolescent athletes ´volunteered´ themselves for 5 x 2hr sessions in a 50m pool! Two sessions began before breakfast and well before dawn.

Still they kept coming... gym sessions, track timings, 8km trails to the shops. The EIC teenage ´mutant´ swimming sensation could not be deterred. Six staff in all, over 3 days, shared stories of amazement at the durability and determination of our students. We thank you all and hope your performances over the next few days are a testament to the courage and conviction you have given to improving your competence in the pool. With, or even without oxygen, we know you will do just fine! Vamos!

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