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Year 12 and the Red Cross

Year 12 and the Red Cross

On Friday seven Year 12 students went to the Red Cross in Fuengirola to help distribute our donations to families in need.

Asia, Jack, Alvaro, Javi, Pat, Tom and Giuseppe said they were overwhelmed to see the long queue of people when they got off the minibus; amazed by the variety of nationalities of families they gave food parcels to and humbled by the delight on the faces of the families receiving something as simple as extra cookies, chocolate and eggs.

The students commented on the kind words they received from families like “may God pay you back twofold for your generosity” and “it’s reassuring to see there are still good people in the world like you that want to help us”.

Our students went back to school saying that all that food they had seen on the hall stage suddenly took meaning, feeling fulfilled and happy for having helped so many people and grateful and privileged for everything we have.

Happy Holidays EIC and thank you for making a difference!



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