Summer School 2017 - Monday 3rd July - Friday 28th July (10.00-14.00). Please download the brochure from this link: Downloads and Publications

Latest News

Year 6 Anderson Shelters

Latest News

Year 6 have been learning about Anderson Shelters as part of their topic on World War 2. They have produced some fantastic home learning, where they were asked to design and make their own Anderson Shelter for Design and Technology. Miss Harriet and Miss Kasia were so impressed with the creativity and craftsmanship that the children displayed and received lots of compliments about the children's work…

Y12 and Y13 Travelled to Morocco

Last Thursday a group of Year 12 and 13 students travelled to Morocco to visit a centre for children with Down's Syndrome. We have put together a Padlet with some of the images of the trip and reflections from the students on this amazing experience.

Year 10 Visited the Coca Cola Factory

Latest News

On Friday Year 10 visited the Coca Cola factory in Malaga where they were warmly welcomed for a tour of the bottling plant and quality control laboratory. We also had time to sample some of the products! 

The EIC Staff Show - 2016

The EIC Staff Show, presented by the staff of the EIC. A night of music & comedy - Friday 11th November 8:00pm. All proceeds will go towards the EIC Red Cross Christmas Campaign. Tickets 5 euros from reception - Adults only.

Debra Halloween Run

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Saturday night after weeks of intense training we completed the Halloween 6.66km run around Marbella Old Town for the DEBRA charity. In true EIC spirit and despite face-paint and costumes we finished strongly to clock a very ??respectable time! ??

International Butterfly Skin Day

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Yesterday we celebrated International Butterfly Skin Day with many students both wearing their uniform in reverse and with a butterfly badge to support the "Show your Seams" theme. A special recognition must go to the Sixth Form team who ??raised around 400 euro through the sale of butterfly badges.

Kraków - Day 4

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Our final full day and our final walking tour but this time around Kraków Old Town. We started outside Wawel Cathedral where we were captivated by a Polish legend and saw a real fire breathing dragon! Once inside we visited the Royal Tombs and negotiated our way up a somewhat narrow staircase to see (and touch) Sigismond's Bell (the largest bell in Poland). We finished in the courtyard of the Royal…

Kraków - Day 3

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Auschwitz. A word, a name, a place with so many connotations but most importantly, it's a symbol. A symbol for the devastating amount of life wasted, lost, taken. A symbol for so many other concentration camps: places of inhumanity, places of pain, places of death. A symbol that tells us that we need to pay attention to the past and learn from it. Birkenau. A place where persecution, torture, and…

Kraków - Day 2

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After a considerably later start than yesterday, we headed off on a guided walking tour of the Jewish Quarter within Kraków. Along the way, we saw several locations visited by Steven Spielberg that were used as settings for his classic film, Schindler's List, visited a flea market, walked around the more luxurious area of the Jewish Quarter, which included the oldest synagogue in Poland, observed the…

Kraków - Day 1

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We arrived safely in Kraków with everyone and everything, despite the early start! A quick stop off at the hotel to get settled in, was followed by an Autumnal walk along the River Vistula. We headed towards the outskirts of the Jewish Quarter to the Galicia Museum for a guided tour around the photography exhibition about the Jewish history within Poland, the catastrophic impact Hitler and the Nazis…