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Making an Enquiry

The Enquiry Process is informal and provided free of charge.

By giving us some information about your child we will be able to give you guidance about the Registration Process and assessment, information about fees and the curriculum we offer. In particular, Admissions staff will be able to give early information regarding the required levels of English needed for a placement to be offered. The most common reason for refusing a placement is a lack of English proficiency. If enquiries are made early, weaknesses in English can sometimes be addressed, prior to a formal application being made.

Any information you provide the school for this process is held confidentially and is not shared with any organisation without your express permission. Enquiries are held on file for 6 months, and then archived if no registration application is received

We strongly advise parents to complete an Enquiry Form before making a formal Registration request.

Please note, the following information is required to complete the form so please ensure you have it to hand before starting the process:

  • student full name (as in passport)
  • student date-of-birth
  • student current school and type of curriculum
  • the calendar year in which you are hoping to enroll the student
  • the year group they are hoping to join
  • brief details of any known health or behavioural issues, learning difficulties or special dietary needs etc.

Click one of the links below to begin the enquiry process: