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Pastoral Care

Every class has a teacher with particular responsibility for the students within it. In the Primary School, the class teacher is with the children at various times of the day. In the Secondary School, form tutors meet on a daily basis with groups of students who are in the same year. They give guidance and support to the boys and girls in their care, establishing a close relationship with them.

Students can discuss any problems which may arise, whether of a general nature or related to a particular aspect of the school with the form tutor, whose concern it is to ensure their well-being whilst at the College.

The form tutor communicates regularly with the Head of Section who represents the natural link between the parents and the school, facilitating communication in both directions and suggesting meetings as necessary with other relevant personnel.

At the upper levels of the school, both students and parents are given practical advice and assistance in preparing and planning for College, University or entrance into the world of work.